Course Search Information

The Center for International Program’s course search allows students to search and find programs based on departments and/or courses of interest. 

Academic Department Course Search

This function allows you to search for study abroad programs based on department categories utilized by K College. The search results will list all programs that have at least one course, previously taken by students, within the searched department.  

Best practices for using the Academic Department Course Search:

  1. Identify a department of interest 
  1. Click on the drop-down menu for the selected department (a list of programs will appear) 
  1. Select a program of interest (you will be taken directly to the program’s brochure page) 
  1. Navigate to the Course Info tab (information about course requirements) 
  1. Click on the Course Info button (this directs you to the Programs: Available Course Search page) 

Program-Specific: Available Courses Taken

This page, found on each program’s brochure, displays a list of courses that K students have taken. This may not be an exhaustive list of courses that can be taken at this program.

Each course list has the following components: 

  1. Course Code – which is associated with K’s department codes 
  1. Host Institution Course Name – the name of the course at the study abroad program site (subject to change) 
  1. K-Units – the number of K-units of credit 
  1. Department – the full name of the department associated with the course 
  1. Discipline – area of study associated with the course 
  1. Required/Elective – be sure to check the Course Info tab for the number of K-units you should take  
  1. Click the drop down to view additional information  

Please note: Courses listed in this search are not automatically counted toward major(s), minor(s), and/or concentrations. Students must check with the appropriate academic department before departure if they want the credit to count toward their major, minor, and/or concentration.