All approved study abroad programs offer fully-accredited courses that will count towards students’ K graduation requirements as long as it is similar to a course that could be taken at Kalamazoo College. Most departments allow for students to take one major requirement while abroad, but that has to be pre-approved by the the respective department chairs.


While students’ official transcripts from study abroad will be sent to Kalamazoo College and translated into K-Unit credit, students’ GPA from study abroad will not be taken into account when calculating their overall K GPA.

Experiential Learning

Some of our programs offer fully-accredited experiential learning experiences. These are offered for specific programs that are denoted with appropriate tags on the All Programs page.

Integrative Cultural Projects (ICRP) ICRP

Internships INTERNSHIP


Disability Support and Services

Students who receive support and services from Kalamazoo College based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are encouraged to give the CIP permission to share their official letter or accommodation with K Program and K Partner Program staff. While this is by no means a guarantee that the support can or will be given while abroad, it is important for study abroad staff and faculty to know what accommodations are provided on your home campus. To inquire about this, please reach out to K’s Associate Dean of Disability Services, Dr. Karen Joshua-Wathel (

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should you ask yourself about study abroad?

What are my priorities and/or goals for this experience? What transferable skills (problem solving, planning, conflict resolution, listening, storytelling) do I wish to develop on study abroad? What do I see myself doing after K? How will this program impact my ability to pursue my Life after K? Am I concerned about any obstacles to participate in study abroad

What’s the difference between short-term, long-term and extended-term?

Study abroad programs have different durations than K quarters.

Short-term programs (ST) yield 3 K Units (equivalent to one quarter) and typically take place during spring or winter quarter.

Long-term programs (LT) yield 6 K Units (equivalent to two quarters) and are typically 18 weeks long (for K programs) or, for Kalamazoo Partner programs, one semester. Students depart for these programs from July through September and are expected to return to campus in the spring. All long-term programs allow students to earn 2/3 of a year’s credit during junior year.

Extended-term programs (ET) yield 9 K Units (equivalent to three quarters). Students depart for these programs August through September and are away for the entire academic year. Extended- term programs are only available to declared foreign language or international and area studies majors with the endorsement/approval of department. Note, because K has a quarter calendar and most partner institutions and organizations operate on a semester calendar, a study abroad program start and end date will not reflect the dates of fall, winter or spring quarters. We realize this can leave a gap for some of our long-term participants, as some of the K partner programs end in December and students have earned 6 K-units in one semester. Long-term comprehensive fees are divided between fall quarter (for 3 K units) and winter quarter (for the other 3 K units). This means long-term students receive two study abroad invoices.

Will all classes taken on study abroad transfer back to K?

Courses taken on study abroad, as long as they are in the Liberal Arts Tradition, may be used to fulfill general College graduation requirements. Students are encouraged to obtain approval from the department in advance to use a course from study abroad to satisfy major, minor or concentration requirements. No credit for duplicate/repeated courses. PE credit is possible.

Does study abroad have to be connected to the major?

Study abroad at Kalamazoo College does not have to be connected to the major. The College encourages students to develop breadth and practical skills to complement a major and connect to goals for Life After K. As a Liberal Arts institution, we want students to have opportunities to grow intellectually and to engage with communities with an informed and humbled perspective.

Students may also be interested in classes that will earn credit toward the major. Typically departments accept 1 or 2 units that students can apply to their majors from study abroad. Students should get permission from the major department (in writing) if they are planning to use study abroad credit to satisfy a non-elective major course requirement.

Which courses do students take on the specific programs?

The academic focus for each program and typical units are posted on the specific program brochure on Hornet Passport.

Several programs offer courses from general university offerings and these courses cannot be determined until the student is on-site.

What is the ICRP? Does it fulfill a graduation requirement?

The Integrative Cultural Project (often referred to by its acronym, ICRP) was created to foster greater cultural integration of study abroad participants into the everyday life of their host culture. All students participating in LT or ET K-programs, in consultation with the on-site ICRP Coordinators, select structured hands-on project activities that facilitate close interaction with local people. The Integrative Cultural Project will be recorded on the Kalamazoo College transcript as ICRP and will not be assigned to a specific academic rubric. The ICRP carries one K unit. More information on the ICRP can be found at:

When are the application deadlines?

Winter Short-term programs: Thursday, 4th week fall quarter

Spring Short-term programs: Thursday, 7th week fall quarter

Fall Short-term, Long-term, & Extended-term programs: Tuesday, 4th week winter quarter

How can students find out more?

Check out our CIP Events Calendar
Attend the CIP “Pass the Torch/Sophomore Meeting) & SA Fair during fall quarter (watch for announcements)
Come to the CIP and speak with a PA or meet with a CIP staff member during walk-in hours (2- 4:30 p.m., Tuesday-Friday)
Follow the CIP on Instagram @kzoocip