All approved study abroad programs offer fully-accredited courses that will count towards students’ K graduation requirements as long as it is similar to a course that could be taken at Kalamazoo College. Most departments allow for students to take one major requirement while abroad, but that has to be pre-approved by the the respective department chairs.


While students’ official transcripts from study abroad will be sent to Kalamazoo College and translated into K-Unit credit, students’ GPA from study abroad will not be taken into account when calculating their overall K GPA.

Experiential Learning

Some of our programs offer fully-accredited experiential learning experiences. These are offered for specific programs that are denoted with appropriate tags on the All Programs page.

Integrative Cultural Projects (ICRP) ICRP

Internships INTERNSHIP


Disability Support and Services

Students who receive support and services from Kalamazoo College based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are encouraged to give the CIP permission to share their official letter or accommodation with K Program and K Partner Program staff. While this is by no means a guarantee that the support can or will be given while abroad, it is important for study abroad staff and faculty to know what accommodations are provided on your home campus. To inquire about this, please reach out to K’s Senior Associate Dean of Students, Dana Jansma.