Current International Students

Events and Activities

We plan fun events and activities throughout the year so you can explore Kalamazoo and Michigan. We also share informational sessions about employment and other topics that may be of interest to international students.

Online Resources

Visit the International Student Moodle Page for information about

  • regulations associated with your visa and how to maintain your status
  • what you need to do when you get a job
  • what to do if your financial situation changes
  • how to apply for a driver’s license or state ID
  • optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training, and Academic Training, including application materials
  • how to invite your family to graduation and help them apply for a visitor’s visa (B-2) at a US consulate or embassy in their home country
  • and more!

Access the International Student Moodle page here. You’ll need an enrollment key – request it from

Quarterly Newsletter

The quarterly newsletter will provide you with all the important information and dates you need for each quarter. Watch your mailbox!

International Student Organization

There is a student organization on campus dedicated to international students. Check out the ISO website on the Nest.

January 2020

Wednesday, January 22

Monday, January 27

5 p.m.

February 2020

Friday, February 07

Thursday, February 13

Sunday, February 16

Wednesday, February 19

Monday, February 24

4:30 p.m.

Friday, February 28

March 2020

Monday, March 02

Wednesday, March 04

Thursday, March 05

Monday, March 09

Wednesday, March 11

Friday, March 13

April 2020

Wednesday, April 22

Friday, April 24

4:05 p.m.
H&S Orientation for Botswana, Senegal, India, Jordan & Thailand
Dewing 305
Health & Safety Orientation for Botswana, Senegal, India, Jordan & Thailand

Monday, April 27