Study Abroad Programs

Kalamazoo College students can apply to any of the approved study abroad programs below. There are one quarter, two quarter, and three quarter options available. Programs that include accredited ICRP, INTERNSHIP, or CIVIC ENGAGEMENT components and are denoted accordingly.

One Quarter Programs (3 or 4 K-Units)

Two Quarter Programs (6 K-Units)
Fall + Winter

Three Quarter Programs (9 K-Units)
Fall + Winter + Spring

Two Quarter Programs (6 K-Units)
Winter + Spring

Summer Off-Campus Study

Summer opportunities abroad are accessible to you as a student at Kalamazoo College. Although K does not have a summer quarter available for students to take classes on campus, students are allowed to accumulate transfer credits through courses at institutions outside the U.S.

There are both benefits and downsides to choosing to participate in abroad programs during summer. By participating in classes outside of the usual K College academic schedule, students will have the opportunity to make up credits without overloading during a quarter. Using your summer to participate in programs abroad is a great option for students that are passionate about experiential learning, but are worried about staying on track with the four year K-Plan.

Kalamazoo College has numerous long-standing relationships with international organizations and universities from outside the U.S. from years of study abroad partnerships. Unfortunately, all of these programs and partnerships are run strictly during the K academic calendar year. That said, any student wishing to participate in a study abroad program during the summer months must find programs on their own, as none will be sponsored by the college.

Students looking for potential summer programs must keep in mind that their chosen summer programs must begin after spring quarter has ended (after mid-June). Students will not be allowed to finish spring quarter early in order to participate in a summer study abroad.

Kalamazoo College financial aid and scholarships are NOT available for participating students, due to federal financial aid regulations. This is not to say that students will be unable to apply for program-specific scholarships through the program institutions. However, Kalamazoo College financial aid cannot be used to cover any summer program fees. Students must be in “good academic standing.”