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Starting with the approved study abroad programs list, review requirements for each program:

  • Programs Focus
  • Program Information
  • Application Information
  • Credit Transfer
  • Budget Information

Please note that requirements for each destination may vary.

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Hornet Passport – Your Online Application System

What is Hornet Passport?

Hornet Passport is the on-line application system students use to research and apply for study abroad/away programs. Students will use their K credentials (K ID and password) to log into the system. If you encounter any difficulties, please email the CIP.

Do not wait until the last minute to start the application process or turn in your application materials! Please DOUBLE-CHECK your application submissions carefully to ensure that ALL of the required items are complete and submit them TOGETHER AND AT THE SAME TIME before or by the application due date.

Note: You are only allowed to apply for one program at a time. If there are more applicants than spaces, you will be notified if you have been endorsed for the program or if you will need to be in the Open Programs for programs that have not been filled.

Top Application Tips

  1. Read and follow all instructions completely 
  2. Complete your material submissions in black ink.
  3. Many of these are legal documents.
  4. Submit all your material submissions at the same time
  5. Make sure name and student ID number are on all material submissions
  6. Make sure your program name is listed on material submissions
  7. Write clearly and legibly
  8. Submit clean copies of materials
  9. Ask for help before you submit your application.


It is imperative that all study abroad students and parents review the following information.

In Country

While on program in your host country, you will be interacting primarily with your K Program Resident Director (RD) or K Partner Program staff. While we encourage K students to communicate with us throughout the study abroad experience, it is important that local staff know how you are feeling and what you’re experiencing.

However, if you have questions or concerns about finances, K-Unit credit equivalencies, and/or anything you don’t believe you can/should resolve with local program staff, please communicate with your respective CIP program coordinator.